Sex With A Stranger

Veronica has always been this naughty yet smart girl who took everything life had to offer. Back in college, she was outgoing and had all the fun a college girl would ask for. However, soon after graduating and being employed in a financial institution, she had to tone down and uphold the reputation of her company. So she was always official for the sake of her career.

However, one day she broke loose from this compromise. She was taking a bus one evening back home from work, and her day was quite long and stressful. She wanted nothing more than to go home and relax, but as soon as she boarded, a young handsome man boarded the same bus. He sat on the same seat with her. It was evident that Veronica found this man attractive, especially considering that he was in a tight shirt that showed all of his muscles. The man started a conversation and complimented her. They laughed and talked some more.

He too was attracted to her and at this point and definitely wanted to get into her pants. So he asked her the craziest thing she has ever thought of doing. And she happened to say “getting laid when first meeting someone”. This excited the guy and he proposed that they make it happen. She still was a little skeptical at first, but the man assured her she was safe with him. However, she was also extremely excited and told him “let’s get off at the next stop.”

The two got off the bus and went straight into a hotel room a few blocks from the bus stop. Veronica was extremely horny and ready for just about anything. When they got into the hotel room, the sexy stranger undressed Veronica, tossed her onto the bed, and began eating her pussy. After Veronica came from his talented tongue, she grabbed his dick and asked him if she could play with it. He didn’t say a word but kiss her passionately for two minutes. He then told her “suck my dick”.

Then he spread her legs and slid his dick into her already wet pussy. She felt every inch of it and begged for more. He obliged and gave her the best experience she had ever had. She came twice and turned him over so she could fuck him in the cowgirl position. This was too much for the guy to handle and so he came. The two breathed heavily and laughed. It was evident they enjoyed it. When all was said and done, Veronica wanted to know what this amazing man did for a living. He seemed shy to tell her at first; quietly telling her he was a male escort. Veronica was not at all put off by this, and instead asked for his information so that she could hire him for his amazing male escort abilities in the future. Visit at for more info.

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