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How to handle relationship pressures

Being in a permanent relationship is not easy nowadays. When I listen to what the gents I date at London escorts have to say, it is clear that relationships risk factors have increased ten folds in the last few years. It used to be easy to be in a relationship, but that has all changed […]

London escorts also rely on the red light district of Mile End

The local London authorities would like to clean up Mile End, and make it into something totally different from what it is today. They would like to close all the sex shops, bars and strip clubs. London escorts are up in arms about the policy, and say that these is hugely wrong. The local borough […]

Sexy Summer Foods

Don’t think for one moment that summer in London is all about hanging around the parks and drinking beer. I asked a couple of the girls at what they thought that summer was all about. To my surprise, they came back at told me that they thought summer in London was all about good food. […]

Sex With A Stranger

Veronica has always been this naughty yet smart girl who took everything life had to offer. Back in college, she was outgoing and had all the fun a college girl would ask for. However, soon after graduating and being employed in a financial institution, she had to tone down and uphold the reputation of her […]