Becoming The Best Chiswick Escort

A lot of the girls at the elite Chiswick escort service that I work for, think that I became one of the best Chiswick escorts overnight, but that is not true at all. Not all girls have what it takes to become top escorts in Chiswick, and I often think that I became a top Chiswick escort out of luck, or was it good planning? I really don’t have the complete answer, and when the other girls at this Chiswick escorts of ask why I am such a popular escorts. I often tell them that I don’t know what the magic is about me.

In truth, I don’t think that there is any magic about it at all. If you do want to work for a top Chiswick escorts service, I think that you need to be pretty smart. When I first came to Chiswick, I used to work in a bar. To be honest, I never thought about being a provider of the best Chiswick escort services, and the thought of joining one had not even crossed my mind. But, one thing that I picked up on quickly, was that I knew how to charm men. In the bar, I was always getting chatted up by local guys and visitors to Chiswick.

After I had worked in the bar for about six months, I was approached by the owner of a private club. He used to come into the bar and have a few drinks. We always had a nice chat, and he seemed to like me. At that time, I was kind of becoming aware that there were other jobs that you could do around Chiswick, and I had even met a girl who worked for a Chiswick escorts service. Eventually, this gentleman offered me a job in his private members club, and I was soon on the leg of the journey to working for an elite Chiswick escorts service.

At the club, I met a lot of interesting gentlemen. Most of them were very rich and they were really looking for a bit of sexy companionship. Once or twice, I ended up going out with them privately But, it wasn’t until one day when a gent told me that I should be working for a Chiswick escort service when the idea struck me. By that time, I had a little black book of gents’ names and I would date many of the privately. Perhaps working for a Chiswick escorts service would be a step in the right direction anyway.

A couple of weeks later, I approached a Chiswick escort service. They liked my experience and my looks and were willing to give me a trial. At first I was not sure that it was right for me, so I started to work for the Chiswick escorts part time. My little black book was a great help, and I called my gents and told that I worked for this particular Chiswick escorts. Of course, my dating diary started to fill up nicely. The boss of the escort agency was impressed, and with the help of my little black book, I have managed to become one of Chiswick’s top escorts. It is all about having good contact at the end of the day…

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